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What I Do...

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To tell you what I do, it's probably best to start with what I don't do. I'm not a fractional CMO. I'm not a marketer for hire. I'm not a market researcher. And I'm not a guy who's looking for a full time CMO job.

Here is what my ideal customer engagement looks like...

You have a marketing leader and a team that you love. They do great work. In fact, you love them so much that you want to invest in them. You want to help them be even better.

Couple that with the fact that your business is entering some new areas and places that your marketing leader and team haven't ever been before. It might be a new market, the need to grow your brand, a new product launch, opening up international geographies, or expanding your distribution channels.

Instead of "taking your best shot," you hire me for an engagement where I advise your existing team. I help them develop their plans. I help them look for things that they might not have considered. I help them pressure-test their ideas. I ask questions and contribute ideas that help them drive the best results possible.

I work with your team through regular calls and meetings and provide an experienced, outside resource to improve your chance of success.

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